Another Spring, another Market. Comfy shoes on, and off we
went to discover new styles in furnishings, lighting, accessories, rugs and
current colors, textures and shapes at High Point Spring 2019 Market. At the
end I will share with you two things we didn’t see at the Market.

Nesting tables of mixed shapes and materials.

If your family room layout can accommodate a bigger size cocktail table, why not consider doing nesting tables? The combination of different materials and shapes makes these sets appear like they've been collected over time.

Flange edges on upholstered furniture.

Maybe it's not a very new element, but it caught my eye. It gives such a relaxed feel to sofas, pillows, and beds – wouldn't you agree?

Unique Headboards

The bed is a visual anchor in the bedroom, so why not let it be the star? Seeing some unique tufting and detailing on the headboards makes my heart sing. Below are three unique headboards that caught my eye.

Wicker Chandeliers

I am not a big fan of the word “trend”, but we saw a trend, a great variety of wicker or natural materials chandeliers in many lighting showrooms. I think it adds a lot of character to the mix of elements in the space. They take up some visual volume but look "light" at the same time.

And last but not least - this is an amazing idea for a cocktail table base. It looks like perpetual movement, just like our lives - nothings stops, it all constantly changes and transforms.

Curved metal base cocktail table. Endless movement.

I realized that I only post my Market reports for spring markets - how come fall ones don't get my attention? I am not sure. Hopefully, I will do one for the upcoming one in October.

Here you can see what caught my eye in 2018 and here in 2017.

And if you made it this far, you probably wanted to know what I saw less of this time.

Was shiplap a trend? Most likely. Compared to couple of years ago, when Market was sprinkled with shiplap walls and floors, this time it was nowhere to be seen. In addition, heavy industrial style tables and fixtures left the main stage as well.

That's all for my Market finds - until the Fall.

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