Hello everyone and welcome to the week 5 of the One Room Challenge! 

Art Above Bed

Finding the perfect piece of art for a room can be challenging. Sometimes we designers have such a strong vision of what we want that we create it ourselves. This was the case with my One Room Challenge after trying other options. I haven’t held a paint brush in my hand for many years; however, the bright fun colors of this space inspired me to DIY an abstract artwork for this room. After a few trips to Michaels for supplies, I was set to mix the paints—it was thrilling to have a 30” by 40” blank canvas in front of me! 

I opted for acrylic paints since they dry faster and are easier on the budget. 

The final result? We will see it next week when we reveal the finished room. At the moment, the painting is in the framing shop. Which frame did I choose? 

Was it white to contrast with the wallpaper? Or neutral textural black? Or the one with a touch of gold?

Wicker and feathers: do they go together?

For the wall space above the dresser, I played with an idea of combining the texture of wicker and the softness of feathers. But natural wicker color didn’t flow with the overall design aesthetic, so my first step was to spray paint the wicker bowls white. And here is a lesson learned: take more photos! I got so enthusiastic about the process that I forget to take snapshots of it!

Then it was time for a hot glue gun magic!  

Bedding and styling shopping: happening right now

This is it! Final stretch and I am looking for the bedding set, new sheets, and some accessories to add a layer of details. Will the bedding be white or colorful? Will it be solid or patterned? We shall see soon.

Come back next Thursday for the final reveal—wish me luck as I find the last missing elements! And thank you for following along with me on this journey!

Project check list:

  • Install Crown molding and ceiling medallion: done!
  • Paint walls: done!
  • Install accent wallpaper on bed wall: done!
  • Redo window treatments: hanging them today!
  • Add hardware to nightstands: done!
  • Create art pieces for above dresser: done! 
  • Replace lamps: done!
  • Add chandelier: done!
  • Change bedding: in process!
  • Add shag rug: probably not happening – haven’t found the right one yet. 
  • Create a painting: done!

Week five is complete….come back next week as I reveal my One Room Challenge! Be sure to check out the Featured Participants every Wednesday, and the rest of the Guest Participants every Thursday for a lot more room makeover madness!

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The One Room Challenge: One Week Closer – Week 5

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