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As the earth spins around the sun and spring always comes, High Point Market happens each April.

Every year we get excited and inspired by fresh and innovative ideas, meeting designer peers and trusted vendors.

This event provides numerous educational opportunities for interior designers, as well as ample chances to establish new connections within the industry.

Today we'd like to share with you what caught our eye at 2023 Spring High Point Market.

various accent chairs

Accent chairs.

The focus of many of our projects is creating functional and cohesive open space layouts. To add seating capacity without obstructing traffic, we often incorporate accent chairs into our design.

Since these chairs are visible from all angles and float in space, we believe they should contribute to the overall style and personality of the space.

At the Spring 2023 High Point Market, we found a wide variety of chair shapes and styles. We saw chairs with round backs and square backs, as well as fully upholstered options and chairs that combined textiles, wood, metal, or wicker.

No matter what style your project calls for, we have access to a wealth of resources and can incorporate interesting and comfortable chairs into your design plan.


various accent chairs


When we attend the Market, one of our top priorities is to seek out inspiring art sources for our clients.

During this visit, we had the pleasure of meeting several new vendors. They offer a wide range of art styles, sizes, and color palettes that would be a fantastic resource for a variety of projects.

These vendors had an impressive selection of both classic and funky pieces (Hello, Marylin and Audrey!) and everything in between.



As an experienced interior designer, I know that there’s not one right answer about use of color in your home.

LK Design High PointMarket colorful decor

Some of our clients prefer bold and colorful interiors that are vibrant and visually stimulating, while others lean towards a monochromatic and subdued aesthetic that exudes elegance and simplicity.

And this Market didn’t disappoint!  There was a lot of inspiration: from bold, colorful and maximalist designs to subdued, sparse and monochromatic lines of furniture and decor.

LK Design High PointMarket monochrome decor (11)
LK Design High PointMarket monochrome decor (17)
LK Design High PointMarket monochrome decor (13)
LK Design High PointMarket monochrome decor 10
LK Design High PointMarket monochrome decor (19)
LK Design High PointMarket monochrome decor (18)
LK Design High PointMarket monochrome decor (16)

Outdoor furniture

We help our clients with both interiors of their homes, and the outdoor living spaces as well.

This manufacturer of outdoor furniture caught my eye: I loved the combination of clean lines, lightness and the use of beautiful natural materials.

Also some pieces outdoor pieces can certainly be used indoors like the glass top dining table with a curved wooden table base. It will not only please your eyes, but will also spark some conversations.



As expected, there were quite a few manufacturers of light fixtures represented at the High Point Market. This time I didn’t focus on lighting as much but I was inspired to see some beautiful showrooms and new lighting designs.

lighting design

To wrap it up, here is one of my favorite finds: this sofa was a new introduction from one of our favorite North Carolina furniture factories. I found it be to very comfortable, attractive and modern looking, and a it's a great choice for open space areas. It has a lower back and some curves, so it will look great floating with it is back exposed.

Temple sofa in white
LK Design High Point Market

As always, High Point Market was very inspiring and we loved adding new vendors to our current array of resources.

The bottom line is that, regardless of your style or color preferences, we’d love to help you bring your vision to life.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us and let’s talk about how we can assist you with your next interior design project.

Thank you for reading and stay in touch,


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Spring 2023 High Point Market Impressions