bedside light switch, headboard LED lighting, dark patterned wallpaper flowers in a white vase on nightstand

Guess why this is currently our highest-saved image on the Houzz platform?

The headboard LED strip lights and pendant? The wallpaper? Or the floating nightstand?

Nope. This photo is trending because of the humble bedside light switch. Recently, it appeared in the article “10 Bedroom Design Features Pros Always Recommend.”

As the author quotes, “Who wants to get up to turn off the lights? Or turn on the light to read? Or reach down to plug in one’s phone?”

And that’s so true. We’ve all been there when someone has to get up and turn off the lights. Guess what else our clients have access to at their bedside? The drapery remote. Talk about ultimate convenience! You can open or close the curtains without getting out of bed.

Thoughtful things like that can make a big difference in your enjoyment of the design.

If you are curious about the other 9 features of a well-designed bedroom, read the rest of the article here.


Photos: Catherine Nguyen Photography


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10 Bedroom Design Features Pros Always Recommend