LK design modern living sitting room interior design gold wallpaper blue sectional sofa geometric chandelier yellow ottomans abstract art

A Raleigh-Durham area living room.

This sitting room boasts many layers to attract the eye.
Our clients, avid entertainers, envisioned transforming their front living room into a versatile, multi-functional space. Consequently, this room fulfills a dual role: serving as both a welcoming area for casual gatherings and a designated prayer space.

To start with, one of the doorways between rooms was closed off.
Then we designed custom floating shelves and cabinetry equipped with built-in lighting. The hanging bells that the client brought from India were integrated into the design. Throughout the space, a geometric motif prevails, evident in the artwork, wallpaper, side table, coffee table, ottomans, and chandeliers, all showcasing an array of shapes.

The color scheme dances harmoniously; we particularly enjoy the combination of warm golds, blues, and teals. Modern light fixtures provide plenty of light while defining the two zones.

Two distinct seating arrangements accommodate large gatherings.

Positioned near the home's entry, this space leaves a lasting impression, making a bold statement from the moment one steps inside.


Photos: Catherine Nguyen Photography

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